HuckleBerry Finn

I knows that all the guys is gonna blame me for the death of Curley's wife cause' I'm black, but I  really don't got nothin' to do with all this. I gots a feelin' that Lennie didn't mean to kill that tart. Lennie wouldn't harm a fly, unless is was soft! The boy is crazy and always wanted to touch somethin' soft like. I'm wonderin why George shot Lennie cause' I always thought thems two was close. I guess it goes to show you's never know whats gonna happen on the ranch.

I knows the reason I sleeps seperate from the other guys is cause' I'm black. All the other WHITE guys gets a lot jus' cause' theys are white. When I get done from a hard day at work, alls I have to do is read. I'm sick of readin'! I've read so many books I could've memorized them all by now. Yeah, I gets to play horse shoes, but when it gets dark, all the guys go in and plays cards. I wish I could play cards cause' maybe I could beat them just like I do at horseshoes. I knows theres is hope for blacks in the future cause' atleast nows I'm gettin' paid for the works I do. Maybe someday blacks men will have the same rights as whites men.

Changing Plans

Today was a bit different. Appearently while me and the guys was playing horseshoes, lennie was in the barn with curleys wife " the tart" . He had ended up breaking her neck and then 'scaped up to this mountain top in some bushes. Curley and the rest of the crew was furious, theys all wanted hims lenched. They grabbed their guns and started searchin' for him, George was with them. It seems like Lennie has a habit of killin' things , like one of slims puppys. Strange guy that Lennie isn't he, seems all dumb and then he goes off and kills puppys and flirty girls. Anyways, the crew found george sitting next to Lennies dead body actin' all traumatized, Curley and Carlson was happy Lennie was dead. I feel bad for George though, had to kill his bestfriend and all. They even had all those dreams about this paradise ranch... What a shame.

New guys

Today  I was playin horse shoes with all the guys after a long day of hard work on the ranch.  Curley's wife is always flirtin' with the new guys. Givin' em the eyes n such. I don't understand why, cause one of emz is dumber then a tree and the other aint really appealing to the eyes. I don't trust these guys at all cause ones is real quiet and the other is doin all the talkin. As long as they do hard work they is ok with me. Its jus' weird hows they come as new people and already gets in good with most the guys. I knows its cause theys white men. Sometimes I feel like the guys respect the horses more then me. Me n' those horses can relate lots sometimes. We both share a room in the barn and both get treated likes animals. I hope things change soon for me.


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