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crooks2011's Journal

My name is Crooks. I work in Soledad for a ranch owner and his son, Curley. I work in the stable with all the horses and animals. I don't live in the bunk-house with the rest of the guys, cause I'ms a negro. I miss companionship and acceptance. The only time I spend with other people is when I'm ranching or playin horseshoes, which I am very good at. I have little to no contact with my family back home cause I left them to work. Even though my back is crooked, I'm still one of the best workers on the ranch. Lately, I've been talking to this new guy named Lenny, he's not the smartest, but he holds a good conversation. We often talk about his dream of owning his own ranch with George. It all seems abit unreal, but I wish I could've shared their dream of ranching.